The App for Missed & Real Time Connections

biz-Flirt is the only dating app for both real time, and missed connections. biz-Flirt has coined the phrase “Flirt-N-Dipity™” a fortunate discovery of love found by using our app. biz-Flirt could be the difference between finding the love of your life or missing out on that once-in-a-lifetime chance. It’s an app with business sense, tying in real world interactions with business coupons that will get you moving. Available now on iPhone and Android.

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Leaving a Flirt

Missed Connections : Did you have lingering eye contact with someone today? Leave a Flirt for them to find, allowing them to get in touch with you later. To leave a Flirt, all you have to do is search the business, event, or location you were at. Then, be sure to leave a message describing the person you saw!

Real Time Connections : If you are at a bar, football game, wine festival, or any place where there is a group of people. Post your profile to that event or location and now you are able to Flirt with all the single people in real time. Then, you can “Reply” to any existing Flirts, or leave a Flirt for someone you’d like to get to know better.


Did Someone Leave Me a Flirt?

Finding a Flirt is easy! Either use the search bar, or you can browse through places you were at. If you read a description that sounds like you, tap “Reply” to that Flirt to start chatting! Make sure to check any locations you visited during the day. You never know who might have left you a Flirt!


Nurture That Spark

Chat with your new connections using our built-in private messaging system. New Flirts will not have your phone number or email address, so you can chat safely and anonymously until the time is right.

Our Best Features

Here are some of our favorite features that you’ll find in biz-Flirt

Flirt System

Flirts are only active for two weeks so we don’t end up with hundreds of old messages. If you need more time, you can always repost a Flirt.


Did you find who you were looking for? See a flirt that sounds like you? Use our built-in chat system to talk safely with your new Flirt. We’ll leave the kindling of a new relationship up to you!

Events & Locations

If the location or event isn’t on the app, don’t sweat it! You can easily add events or locations into biz-Flirt. Then, you can leave your Flirt! We will take events down after two weeks, and locations will come down after a month.


Convenient coupons added by real businesses give you that extra incentive to get out there and find the love of your life. Not looking for love. No problem, you can still use biz-Flirt for the coupons.


biz-Flirt has coined the phrase “Flirt-N-Dipity™” - a fortunate discovery of love found by using our app. Share your Flirt-N-Dipity moments with us by sending us an email to