The App for Missed & Real Time Connections

biz-Flirt is the only dating app for both real time, and missed connections. biz-Flirt has coined the phrase “Flirt-N-Dipity” a fortunate discovery of love found by using our app. biz-Flirt could be the difference between finding the love of your life or missing out on that once-in-a-lifetime chance. It’s an app with business sense, tying in real world interactions with business coupons that will get you moving. Available now on iPhone and Android.

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What is biz-Flirt? – biz-Flirt is an app that makes missed and real time connections easier than ever before.

Leaving a flirt – For Missed Connections, use the search bar, or browse through the categories to find the business, event, or location you were at, tap on Leave a Flirt. Next leave a brief description of the person that you are interested in. Example - You had a gray shirt on and I was wearing a red dress …. Now they will be able to respond to your flirt.

Leaving a flirt – For Real Time Connections If you are at a bar, football game, or wine festival, any place where there is a group of people. Just post your profile to that event or location (by tapping the Leave a Flirt button) and now you are able to flirt with all the other single people who posted their profile in real time.

How do I look for a flirt left for me? Finding a flirt is easy! Either use the search bar, or browse through the categories to find the business, event, or location you were at. There you will find “flirts” left by others. If the description seems like you, then hit “Reply” Make sure to check all the locations you were at that day, you never know who may have left you a flirt.

I met someone at an event or location that is not in the app. Help! – Don’t worry! You can add events and locations to the app yourself! Go to the event or location page, tap on the + sign and fill in the information and biz-Flirt will add it on instantly. If the location is at 5th & Main or Central Park, it doesn’t matter, we will add it on for you.

If you are searching for a business, event, or location in a different city make sure you put the city and state in the search bar to ensure you get the right place.

If you met someone but didn’t get their number – Don’t sweat it! Leave a flirt at the place you met.

How do I chat? – biz-Flirt has a built in messaging system, so no personal details are necessary. To start chatting, hit “Reply” on a flirt, and the conversation will start.

How long is my flirt active for? – Flirts are active for two weeks. If you need more time repost your flirt.

Events will be brought down after two weeks. We do this because events usually don’t run longer than that, however if you feel you need more time you can always post your flirt under the Location page by tapping the + sign at the bottom of page.

Locations will be brought down after a month, again if you feel you need more time you can always re-post.

How do I use a coupon? – biz-Flirt is a great way for you to save money when you’re out and about. If a business has a coupon active with us, simply click the “Use Coupon” button, and show it to the business upon check out. If a business doesn’t have a coupon active, this button won’t show up.

Businesses may have listings in multiple categories or under a category that is related to a secondary business in their store, for instance- Casino's may be listed under hotels because it is a resort, restaurants may be listed under bars since they serve liquor, fitness centers and hair salons may be listed under the health category, hotels may be listed under restaurants. So before adding a business that you can’t find make sure the business is not listed in a different category. Get familiar with biz-Flirt and browse through the categories to see what's listed in each category.

Help there is no category for the business I'M at, how do I leave a flirt? - No problem just go to the LOCATION SITE do a search for your business to see if someone else added it. If the business is not there then just enter the location yourself by tapping the + sign at the bottom of the page.